Welcome to the website of the Southern Methodist University “Pre-Collegiate” Upward Bound Program. First, I would like to personally commend you for taking the first step towards investing in your education or the education of our future leaders.

Our staff is committed to providing a nurturing and caring environment to ensure that each student is provided with a quality opportunity in education regardless of race or ethnic background. It is our goal that we help disadvantaged students overcome academic and financial barriers to higher education by providing tutorial assistance via:

  • instruction in literature, composition
  • mathematics
  • science and technology
  • academic and personal counseling
  • assessment test preparation classes
  • character education and leadership development
  • college preparatory information
  • scholarship information
  • financial aid seminars

Because we value the life and future of each student, upon entering our program each student will be encouraged to set high standards that will assist them making their dreams become a reality. Our students will no longer become a statistics but will be liberated to become a successful college graduate working in businesses, government, medicine, law, education, research, finance, politics, computer science and technology and/ or engineering.

Every student will be empowered to press toward the mark of high moral character, education, leadership and liberation. As you browse our website, I hope you will gain more insight about our program and the services we provide. We welcome and appreciate the interest of potential students, educators, mentors, corporate sponsors to inquire about program and services. For additional information, please feel free to contact us at 214-768-2364. We would be glad to meet with you and answer any questions about our program. Thank you again for visiting to our website.